Who should do Hormone Yoga?

Hormone Yoga for all agesHormone Yoga is suitable for women of all ages, with or without yoga experience.

Two groups of women will especially benefit from Hormone Yoga®: women in menopause and those trying to conceive.

Women in menopause

Menopause is a period of big physical and sometimes psychological changes. Strong variations of hormone levels, especially the decrease of estrogen, begin to influence women’s bodies. Hot flushes or dry mucus, tiredness, anguish, depression, hair loss, dry skin and decreased libido can be symptoms of this time in a woman’s life.

Hormone Yoga offers a natural treatment with special exercises to reactivate hormone production, and thus eliminate most symptoms of menopause.

Women trying to conceive

Hormones determine how women feel through most of their lives. Hormone yoga therapy can help to balance hormone levels whilst stimulating them at the same time. HY is not only beneficial for women with PMS, menopause and hormonal imbalance it is also helpful for women who have low hormone levels and would like to conceive.

What Women said:

Great help with thyriod health issues

"I took your workshop last year in Bronte (I was one of the girls with thyroid surgery). I have been practicing the routine EVERY week since I saw you! I think it is helping me, and I have come off the pill since your workshop too. Things have been going smooth,
Thank you :)" Renee

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